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Melissa Deep of Asian-Deepthroat powered by StagCMS!


We have finished a new CMS implementation.
This time for a german model, Melissa Deep, that came at us, via email, asking for details and prices.

Less than three weeks from the first email, her CMS and website was up & running.

The StagCMS is getting to it’s end… Great Support actually from StagCMS… Still some few thing to get done… Then we will be ready to come online with our brand new Design.

Thanks to StagCMS who did and is doing a very good Job.

On http://www.asian-deepthroat.com/blog/i-am-still-here-stagcms-almost-done/

We also implemented the CMS functions on her design.

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EmilyLife.com is a brand new website, from an amateur housewife.

EmilyLife.com is powered by our CMS and is full responsive to all kind of devices.



It has a next releases area, where we can see what are the next releases for the website. This feature show to non-members, that the website is really active and theres something new on the horizon.



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