StagCMS, big updates!

This very first months of 2015 have been used to develop and improve some features on StagCMS, thanks to our clients that report bugs and ask for new features! 🙂

Models’ module has been tested and retested.

A few bugs have been corrected, some features have been improved and new ones have been added.

  • bug – screencaps and respective thumbs from videos weren’t *synchronized*;
  • bug – tags and categories *modules* have been revised/updated;
  • bug – some json files weren’t processed immediately;
  • improvements – photo files are now renamed from original filename (ex. photo0030.jpg) to folder’s name plus sequential number (ex. natasha_naked_0030.jpg) – this is a small SEO improvement required by Steve from;
  • improvementsmodels *module* has been tested and retested this last two months, and some bugs have been fixed and new features like, a json with model’s lists ordered not by name but by latest release dates;
  • improvements – json files are now saved on json folders;
  • new feature – we can now set different main pictures and 5 custom pictures to a gallery.
    This improvement was required by Steve from
  • new feature – we can now delete uploaded folders in the CMS.
    This improvement was required by Steve from
Custom Images
Delete a uploaded folder