Updates on model’s module

We have updated the model’s module with the possibility to enter some new values.

This update has been made due to a client’s request.
Its now available for every one who uses our CMS.

Model’s profile

  • Model’s slogan
  • Age (that model started to model for the webpage, for example)


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Email

Custom URLs
You might want to specify a URL from the model’s amazon wishlist, ¬†webcam’s profile, etc.

  • Custom URL 1
  • Custom text for URL 1
  • Custom¬†URL 2
  • Custom text for URL 2
  • Custom¬†URL 3
  • Custom text for URL 3

Custom values
This custom values can be used for several things, like, background image, rgb color for a font, background, etc.

  • Custom value 1
  • Custom value 2
  • Custom value 3