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Weekly – 13 July

photo by p-r-b

The last weeks of the first version of our CMS are here.
We are now creating the export process of content info to JSON files.

In our team, we all like JSON, this is why that our CMS exports the data to JSON files, this way coders and designers will have clean data to use it on their php, javascript files, etc.

We believe that this is the most performance why of deliver your static data and will reduce memory usage with queries to database.

Please, comment to this post if you have a different opinion, or use our support desk to send us some feedback.


Weekly – 29 June

by Nick J Webb –

This week, we have been working in SiteDepth import tool – its hard – and preventing users / administrators, of the CMS, of commeting errors while introducing values in forms.

Weekly – 22 June

Last weeks of the month, and last weeks of the CMS development.
Tweaking some details and, the most important of this last milestones – import from SiteDepth – .

Recycle you bottle it has value! Power up your websites with our CMS.
Our CMS will grab all your old content and work it to be 100% compatible with our CMS.

Trust us! Your website has value.

Weekly – 15 June


Another week has passed, work is being done.

We are mainly working on the ‘backstage’ process, tuning up code, increase performance and finishing up small details on the CMS and on the free theme – chital – details are, most of the times, the hard work.

To be truth, we are always trying to implement new features, but like we have learning from our years working, and using a famous quote:

“Done is better than perfect.”
― Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

What does this means?
We have lots and lots of features to implement, like CDN ready, Social Network interactions (automatic updates), email system to affiliates updates, models details… but that will be done after our first release.

Weekly – 8 June

Comb Ridge to the Procession Panel petroglyphs

Chital is taking off.

In this last week we have made some cool stuffs.
We’v started the free theme and gave it a name – chital -, we also made a small change on CMS menu, to look cooler and user friendly.

Weekly – 1 June

Another week has passed, and finally CMS is getting ready to be released.
This weekend we will start to do the free-theme, using smarty PHP template engine, largely used by adult industry.

On front-end our CMS will do the less possible database connections, since we think that 90% of queries to database are a waste of resources.

Our CMS will use data on json files, that might be used on smarty or by other engines – like javascript render engines -. Performance on first place.

Weekly – 25 May

Hi all!

We are getting lots of feedbacks from our friends (program owners and program content managers).
Since the beginning we had plans to give some benefits to those who bet on us, by buying our CMS on the first stages.
To all interested we lunched DeereCMS Foundation.



1. the basis or groundwork of anything: the moral foundation
of both society and religion.
2. the natural or prepared ground or base on which some
structure rests.
3. the lowest division of a building, wall, or the like, usually of
masonry and partly or wholly below thesurface of the ground.
4. the act of founding, setting up, establishing, etc.: a policy in
effect since the foundation.
5. the state of being founded.


What’s DeereCMS Foundation?
Its the group of the first ten buyers of DeereCMS.
They will have TONS of benefits.

When can’t wait to have our CMS ready to get ‘packed’ and distributed.

Weekly – 18 May

Hi all!

We have been working hard!
This week we have worked on the process of create galleries and upload files. Any gallery uploaded will be stored the raw files and create copies of the galleries for the desired website’s content. Galleries’ folders, thumbnails, watermarks, zip files and lots of more details have been implemented.

UI/UX are now being applied to our CMS.

Have a great weekend.

Weekly – 11 May

Our CMS is almost ready to be tested.
We are now applying javascript/jquery to the admin page to improve experience to the administrators and prevent user errors and working one the core of the CMS.

Nothing special has happened, except the fact that some of us are now working in the south of portugal Рalgarve -.

Weekly – 4 May


Another week has passed, and a lot of work has been done.
The relevante work on this week has been done on our smarty template.
Our free-awesome template is starting to have some nice shapes, and the best of all – its responsive and made with the best web performance techniques.