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Updates on model’s module

We have updated the model’s module with the possibility to enter some new values.

This update has been made due to a client’s request.
Its now available for every one who uses our CMS.

Model’s profile

  • Model’s slogan
  • Age (that model started to model for the webpage, for example)


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Email

Custom URLs
You might want to specify a URL from the model’s amazon wishlist, ¬†webcam’s profile, etc.

  • Custom URL 1
  • Custom text for URL 1
  • Custom¬†URL 2
  • Custom text for URL 2
  • Custom¬†URL 3
  • Custom text for URL 3

Custom values
This custom values can be used for several things, like, background image, rgb color for a font, background, etc.

  • Custom value 1
  • Custom value 2
  • Custom value 3

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Custom pictures for the gallery

Steve, from asked us to implement a way to add custom pictures to a gallery.

Originally the themes/layouts use what we call the main picture (main.jpg), that is created through one image from the gallery (photos or screencaps).

For the most of the clients this solution works perfectly, but for others – like Steve – it doesn’t – they want a hand made picture or set of pictures.
We implemented on every gallery type an area to upload 6 pictures (we think that is¬†enough…).

This pictures can be used for example:

  • Custom covers (cropped, with texts…)
  • Scene cover
  • DVD cover
  • Etc
Custom pictures in use

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