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Dolly Little XXX


We have recently deployed a StagCMS to DollyLittleXXX.

Dolly came to us though a client and friend РJohn from -.

My name is Dolly, and I’m the littlest porn star! At a measly 4′ 9″ and 85 pounds, I’m tiny enough to pick up and carry anywhere! I’m 20 years old and have an obsession with french macaroons and hair bows! Here you’ll find all sorts of photos and videos of little me naked and playing with my favorite toys. Some of them are pretty huge! Just wait until you see! And don’t worry- it’s okay to be turned on. I prefer it that way! I’m here to make you feel good, and you watching makes me feel good :)! Thanks for stopping by! Make yourself at home, and don’t hesitate to chat to me on Tumblr, Fetlife, or Twitter! I’d love to hear from you ^.^!


GlamourVegas, from SNRProductions with StagCMS

We had recently ended the deployment of a CMS installation on


This is a small review from our work on by Steve Ranieri, president of SNR Productions, Inc. on GFY.

(…)¬†if you’re looking for a CMS, we’re running Gus’ new StagCMS on GlamourVegas and so far it’s working out great! Gus is awesome to work with and he goes above and beyond even adding extra features we suggest¬†
YAH! That’s us! Above and Beyond!


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Updates on model’s module

We have updated the model’s module with the possibility to enter some new values.

This update has been made due to a client’s request.
Its now available for every one who uses our CMS.

Model’s profile

  • Model’s slogan
  • Age (that model started to model for the webpage, for example)


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Email

Custom URLs
You might want to specify a URL from the model’s amazon wishlist, ¬†webcam’s profile, etc.

  • Custom URL 1
  • Custom text for URL 1
  • Custom¬†URL 2
  • Custom text for URL 2
  • Custom¬†URL 3
  • Custom text for URL 3

Custom values
This custom values can be used for several things, like, background image, rgb color for a font, background, etc.

  • Custom value 1
  • Custom value 2
  • Custom value 3

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Reinhard, from FlashChicks contacted us in December of 2014.
He wanted to use our CMS on his website, and we were happy with it! and we are glad to know that he will work on a new site that will also use our CMS! 🙂

We had other pending works for other clients and he also had other works to do. So, on March we started to deploy the CMS on his server and working on the design implementation.

Since he is german and he has some considerable¬†traffic from Germany we will use the full power of multi-language support, in this case, for now, it will be available in English and German – some parts aren’t yet translated.

FlashChicks - FlashChicks

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Custom pictures for the gallery

Steve, from asked us to implement a way to add custom pictures to a gallery.

Originally the themes/layouts use what we call the main picture (main.jpg), that is created through one image from the gallery (photos or screencaps).

For the most of the clients this solution works perfectly, but for others – like Steve – it doesn’t – they want a hand made picture or set of pictures.
We implemented on every gallery type an area to upload 6 pictures (we think that is¬†enough…).

This pictures can be used for example:

  • Custom covers (cropped, with texts…)
  • Scene cover
  • DVD cover
  • Etc
Custom pictures in use

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YNOTEurope – Best CMS Platform – Nominee for the 2015

We have been nominated for the Best CMS Platform on 2015 by YNOTEurope!

Online voting will continue through March 5. A gala dinner and ceremony for the winners will take place March 8 inside Spain’s legendary Finca Mas Solers mansion.

Well, a nomination is a nomination.
Worth what it worth, but is a nice step, starting to be noticed less than 6 months after our lunch.

Thanks YNOTEurope and a much bigger thanks to our friends and clients.

Melissa Deep of Asian-Deepthroat powered by StagCMS!


We have finished a new CMS implementation.
This time for a german model, Melissa Deep, that came at us, via email, asking for details and prices.

Less than three weeks from the first email, her CMS and website was up & running.

The StagCMS is getting to it’s end… Great Support actually from StagCMS… Still some few thing to get done… Then we will be ready to come online with our brand new Design.

Thanks to StagCMS who did and is doing a very good Job.


We also implemented the CMS functions on her design.

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