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SEO filename or not SEO filename.

Our very first CMS version renamed all photo files to a pattern like:

  • 0001.jpg
  • 0002.jpg

Steve, from / asked us to make it more SEO friendly for example:

  • gallerys_name_0001.jpg
  • gallerys_name_0002.jpg

John Emslie wants the filenames to be the original ones.

We added a small configuration entry on the CMS that allow administrators to select the SEO rename feature or leave the original filename.


Updates on model’s module

We have updated the model’s module with the possibility to enter some new values.

This update has been made due to a client’s request.
Its now available for every one who uses our CMS.

Model’s profile

  • Model’s slogan
  • Age (that model started to model for the webpage, for example)


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Email

Custom URLs
You might want to specify a URL from the model’s amazon wishlist, ¬†webcam’s profile, etc.

  • Custom URL 1
  • Custom text for URL 1
  • Custom¬†URL 2
  • Custom text for URL 2
  • Custom¬†URL 3
  • Custom text for URL 3

Custom values
This custom values can be used for several things, like, background image, rgb color for a font, background, etc.

  • Custom value 1
  • Custom value 2
  • Custom value 3

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Custom pictures for the gallery

Steve, from asked us to implement a way to add custom pictures to a gallery.

Originally the themes/layouts use what we call the main picture (main.jpg), that is created through one image from the gallery (photos or screencaps).

For the most of the clients this solution works perfectly, but for others – like Steve – it doesn’t – they want a hand made picture or set of pictures.
We implemented on every gallery type an area to upload 6 pictures (we think that is¬†enough…).

This pictures can be used for example:

  • Custom covers (cropped, with texts…)
  • Scene cover
  • DVD cover
  • Etc
Custom pictures in use

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Preview next releases

With StagCMS you can schedule new releases and show a glitch of them on your free area or on your member’s area.

You decide.

A generated JSON file with all the regular data is created with the scheduled releases, this way you can take all the benefits of schedule content Рand a .htaccess is created to protect from smart-ass users!

Webcam show solution – CamShowWidget

StagCMS and SNRProductions are partnershipping.
StagCMS will support and implement the CamShowWidget in any installation of StagCMS on request.

Looking for a webcam show solution for your website? You’ve come to the right place! We offer a 100% FREE solution that allows solo models to broadcast their webcam and chatwith their clients in a live chat room.

Broadcasts are instantanly recorded so models can upload to their shows to members area via our CMS.

We record all broadcasts on our software. We provide models with their own archives so that they can upload them to their members areas for their fans to enjoy. We will never try to sell or distribute them.

New features on the way – Part II

We are currently working on new features announced on the previous post BUT we are also putting new ones on the schedule.

Basically they will be implemented to improve the user retention or get expired members to rejoin your website.

The new features are

  • Add to favorites
  • Emails of special promotions to active members
  • Emails of special promotions to expired members

New features on the way

At this moment we are working on the following features:

Simple mobile upload interface – for free or members area special gallery
Models – females and males
  • name
  • nationality
  • birthdate
  • sexual orientation
  • description
  • tags
  • photo
  • bio details
    • measures
    • hair color
    • eye color
    • ass type
    • body type
    • skin color
    • ethnicity
    • tatoos
    • piercings
  • female details
    • tits size
    • tits ‘add-ons’
    • pussy type
  • male details
    • dick size
    • dick diameter

Comments using membership details
Ratings using membership details