SEO filename or not SEO filename.

Our very first CMS version renamed all photo files to a pattern like:

  • 0001.jpg
  • 0002.jpg

Steve, from / asked us to make it more SEO friendly for example:

  • gallerys_name_0001.jpg
  • gallerys_name_0002.jpg

John Emslie wants the filenames to be the original ones.

We added a small configuration entry on the CMS that allow administrators to select the SEO rename feature or leave the original filename.


GlamourVegas, from SNRProductions with StagCMS

We had recently ended the deployment of a CMS installation on


This is a small review from our work on by Steve Ranieri, president of SNR Productions, Inc. on GFY.

(…)¬†if you’re looking for a CMS, we’re running Gus’ new StagCMS on GlamourVegas and so far it’s working out great! Gus is awesome to work with and he goes above and beyond even adding extra features we suggest¬†
YAH! That’s us! Above and Beyond!


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