EmilyLife.com is a brand new website, from an amateur housewife.

EmilyLife.com is powered by our CMS and is full responsive to all kind of devices.



It has a next releases area, where we can see what are the next releases for the website. This feature show to non-members, that the website is really active and theres something new on the horizon.



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Unrecommended WordPress plugins

WordPress is the most used CMS for blogging and other ends.
It has a infinite number of plugins developed with love!, but some of them can hurt your website performance, SEO, security etc.

Stats Plugins

Theses plugins creates an huge reading and writing on the database.
They create a negative impact on your website’s performance and also affect you SEO.

  • jr-referrer
  • referrer-wp
  • statpress
  • wp-postviews
  • wp-slimstat

You can use any service that records and stores your stats off site.

Like Stats Plugins, theses plugins creates an huge reading and writing on the database besides that they usually use  inefficient queries, poor caching, or poor scaling on large sites.

  • contextual-related-posts
  • fuzzy-seo-booster
  • seo-alrp
  • similar-posts
  • yet-another-featured-posts-plugin
  • yet-another-related-posts-plugin

Any service that handles the relationship logic off-site like


These plugins have associated security issues.

General Performance

These plugins don’t perform well especially on large sites.

  • broken-link-checker
  • google-sitemap-generator
  • adsense-click-fraud-monitoring
    • This can cause performance issues. There are no recommended alternatives at this time.