New features on the way – Part II

We are currently working on new features announced on the previous post BUT we are also putting new ones on the schedule.

Basically they will be implemented to improve the user retention or get expired members to rejoin your website.

The new features are

  • Add to favorites
  • Emails of special promotions to active members
  • Emails of special promotions to expired members

New features on the way

At this moment we are working on the following features:

Simple mobile upload interface – for free or members area special gallery
Models – females and males
  • name
  • nationality
  • birthdate
  • sexual orientation
  • description
  • tags
  • photo
  • bio details
    • measures
    • hair color
    • eye color
    • ass type
    • body type
    • skin color
    • ethnicity
    • tatoos
    • piercings
  • female details
    • tits size
    • tits ‘add-ons’
    • pussy type
  • male details
    • dick size
    • dick diameter

Comments using membership details
Ratings using membership details