Demo paths

by bekin dooley –

We are now deploying the demo content.
This is the url structure and the explanation of each domain/subdomain:


    The model’s home page, with the information of the website, last galleries released, next updates and so one… the usual information but with infinit possibilities.

    Where members will go! This allows to deploy all content on another server/virtual server for faster access.
    Yah! in a near future we will deploy a program website, 100% integrated with the CMS.

Weekly – 13 July

photo by p-r-b

The last weeks of the first version of our CMS are here.
We are now creating the export process of content info to JSON files.

In our team, we all like JSON, this is why that our CMS exports the data to JSON files, this way coders and designers will have clean data to use it on their php, javascript files, etc.

We believe that this is the most performance why of deliver your static data and will reduce memory usage with queries to database.

Please, comment to this post if you have a different opinion, or use our support desk to send us some feedback.


Backups, backups

by Daryl Mitchell –

One of our friends is facing a HUGE problem at this moment.
His server had some kind of problem and he lost the content of his servers and his hosting company is having some troubles restoring the backups…

In the next version, we will introduce a automatic-backup solution that, has a GOOD backup should be, isn’t on the same physical place that your server is and will use TOP-NOCH hosting company.