Complaints are great
© gagilas

Our philosophy will leads us furthermore.
Every good company/software makers think this way, and we love it.

Like in the wild there are two kind of evolution. The slower, where the livebeing has a nice life and don’t cares about nothing, and theres the fast one where the¬†there livebeing faces problems. We wanna be this last one.
We wanna face your complaints.

“Complaints are great; the more detailed, the better. They tell us where our product or overall experience is failing. Plus, they are the easiest form of feedback to get. No training or solicitation required. People are naturally good at complaining.”

Evernote’s CEO, Phil Libin

We could simply deploy a stylish wiki to support our clientes but that’s sooo 2010 and have the support via email (only that) but nop, we go public with it.

At this moment we have a free uservoice account, that allow us to have a nice:

  • knowledge base
  • give feedback
    where our clients can and should give us feedbacks and sugestions, but the more important complaint about our product so we can make it better – every day -.
  • contact support (see the right widget here?)

Soon we will go premium on them.

Read Why I Love My Angriest Customers, by Phil Libin on